Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fourth of July

 Chunky Hair bow I made Brylie! I charge 7.50 for something like this! Which is a great deal and tons of cute fun ribbon on these! Make them a piggy set for $14!
Brylie broke her arm, and just recently had her cast taken off! So don't mind the big cast!!! :)
Corset tops $20 each Sizes NB-5 these look fabulous with any look! Add a shirt under them and they look great during fall and winter as well!!
 Ruffle Capris
These are longer style Capris and extremely cute if I do say so myself!
$16.50 size Preemie-4T
I can make them bigger or with more ruffles, but I do charge extra for that. Email me if you have any questions! I'd be happy to help!
I made my niece and my daughter each a new little outfit for The 4th of July! They turned out so cute and really brought out their special little personalities!!
Apron Skirt:
This is my favorite! I love these skirts! They can be made with or with out the apron and are fabulous in any color combination!
Size 2-4 are $23
Size 5 & 6 are $25
Brylie is also wearing a full tutu under that really added to the skirt! It was so cute and she looooved wearing it!

Don't mind the pictures

So my goal ultimately is to have a big fashion show with all the cute stuff I make modeled by some darling little ones & I will have some awesome photographers there to capture the cuteness! Buuut for now it's just me and my camera (which is a good one) and my little girl (who is beautiful) but I am not so great at Photography YET so please be patient with the pics! They will get better...mostly I know because they can't get worse!!! But I couldn't bare not to put some pics up of some of the things I have made and to give you an idea of what I can do!! Thanks so much for being patient!!! Feel free to contact me at for questions or ordering something custom for your little cutie!!
Blessing Flower Head band

Ribbon and flower head band

Why Wishies in the Wind?

My little girl loves dandelions. We could spend hours and hours looking for dandelions and making wishes on them! She calls them "Wishie Pushies" and she is my little muse, so Wishies in the Wind is what I am calling my new little business!!
I love sewing! It's something that I started doing about a  year and half ago and I have loved it so much! I have had the opportunity to make some extremely cute little outfits for friends and family and I am always asked by strangers about the stuff I put my little girl in! So I decided I needed a blog to blog about the things I will be making and selling! I am also going to be inside the new boutique The Ivy Cottage in Farr West, Utah this August! I am so excited about this! I really want to have another baby and get into a house, so this is why I am starting this little venture! Brylie wants a new baby and so does mommy!!! So please take a look at what I've done, and if you see something you like please let me know! Let's get Brylie a baby!!!
I made the apron, the little Romper, the bow that you can't see very well, and the Kitchen!